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Outlook Care have been involved in caring and supporting people for almost three decades and we understand that the thought of moving to a residential home can be a daunting one. We’d like to show you how we have created a home from home, where there is choice and control over how each resident lives their life and where everyone is always treated with courtesy, respect and dignity. We pride ourselves on delivering person centred care. We are all unique and our care plans are as individual as you are. Alongside meeting any specialist needs, your care plan will focus on your dreams, aspirations and the routines that are important to you.

Foxburrow Bedroom

We have designed an amazing building which we opened in 2013. Thoughtful interior design creates a calm and peaceful atmosphere – it’s a place where you can feel instantly relaxed – and it reduces stress and improves orientation with unfamiliar surroundings.

All rooms in our 69-bed, two-storey home are en-suite and, with their high ceilings and large windows, they’re light and airy too – each measures 20 m² which means there’s plenty of space for a favourite armchair or chest of drawers.

Each floor is fully accessible by good, spacious lifts.  For added safety, we have installed a fire sprinkler system throughout the building.

On the ground floor there are 32 bedrooms for residents with dementia; all are fitted with the latest Dementia Safe system so residents can be attended to if there’s a problem day or night, while maximising privacy.

Foxburrow Bathroom

Each room also has its own terrace which opens on to secure gardens. To keep it feeling more like home, the ground floor rooms have been divided into two smaller ‘families’ of 15, and each one is completely self-sufficient with its own kitchen, lounge and dining area.

On the first floor there are a further 37 bedrooms for people who need nursing care; each has a ceiling track room hoist for people with high mobility needs. These rooms have also been divided into two smaller family units, with views to the landscaped gardens.

There are two indoor winter gardens and a large outside terrace so residents have access to sunlight year round.

Food is an important part of life at Foxburrow Grange and we like to make breakfast, lunch and dinner special. Our resident chef creates nutritious and exciting meal choices – including a range of firm family favourites – which are prepared daily.

Click here to take a look at one of our tempting menus!

Friends and family are always welcome to enjoy meal times too.

We also have a private dining room that can be pre-booked in advance for family and friends to enjoy a private lunch or tea with their loved one.






Take a look at some of the good things happening at Foxburrow Grange.  Click on the photos to take you straight to the stories

All aboard with our generously donated boat! image of boat donated to foxburrow grange






image of children singing happy birthday to residentFabulous birthday treat for one of our residents with a happy birthday singsong from our wonderful regular visitors – children from local nursery





Relatives of loved ones at Foxburrow Grange asked for the addition of a shop and we were more than happy to oblige. Our residents love it! image of resident at new Foxburrow Grange shop






Outlook Care
Foxburrow Grange is owned and managed by Outlook Care. We are a not for profit organisation so we reinvest all of our profits to further develop services to the people we support rather than paying shareholders.  We have over 25 years’ experience in providing person-centred services to people with a wide range of specialist support and care needs. We are proud of Foxburrow Grange, where knowledge and experience have combined with the latest research and innovative facilities to bring dementia and complex nursing care together. To find out more about Outlook Care, please click here.

At Outlook Care we operate a zero tolerance approach to abuse and ensuring that the people who use our services are safe against such behaviour is our top priority. Please download a copy of our Safeguarding diagram. We are compliant with Essex County Council Safeguarding Adults Board.


Please call us on 01206 586900 to discuss your nursing or dementia care needs.  We will be pleased to arrange a visit. 

Feedback from CQC Inspector

Thanks again for the support given by yourself and your staff during the recent inspection of Foxburrow Grange, it was really good to see the positive impact that the work that you have all been doing has had upon the lives of people living at the service. I have attached some brief high level feedback from the visit:


  • Staff understood how to safeguard people from harm and were confident in the action that they would take if any concerns arose.
  • Risks to people’s daily lives had been identified, plans were in place to keep people safe and were reflective of people’s current needs.
  • Staffing levels were appropriate to meet people’s needs.
  • Medicines were well managed – especially given the difficulties that there had been with the current system.
  • There was evidence of lessons learned and action plans were place in response to incidents and accidents.


  • Staff had the skills and knowledge which ensured that they were able to meet people’s needs.
  • Staff had access to regular supervision sessions and annual appraisals
  • MCA’s had been completed and we saw no evidence of restrictive practice.
  • Staff supported people at meal times and people had access to snacks and drinks throughout the day.
  • People were supported to access health and social care professionals. Where appropriate, referrals had been made for additional advice and support.
  • People were involved in making decisions about changes to the environment of the home.


  • People were supported by staff who knew them well and who provided personalised, kind, compassionate care.
  • People were supported to make choices in their day to day care which empowered them and promoted their independence.
  • Staff treated people with dignity and respect.


  • Care plans were person centred and reflected individuals preferences as to how they wished their care to be delivered.
  • Care plans were regularly reviewed and updated to reflect people’s current needs.
  • People had access to a variety of activities which stimulated them and were meaningful to them as individuals.
  • Relatives told us about the positive impact that staff had on people. There was an emphasis on enabling people to make choices about how they wanted to live their lives. This belief had been firmly embedded throughout the service and resulted in people being supported to live fulfilling and purposeful everyday lives in the way that they chose.
  • Complaints were well managed, people were confident in the management’s ability to promptly address concerns as they arose.
  • Both during and after the inspection visit we have received positive feedback about the EOL care and support provided to people and their families.


  • Staff felt well supported and were positive about the management team. The management team empowered staff and people to maximise their potential and achieve their goals. They had a clear vision for the service and systems were in place which enabled them to monitor and develop the service.
  • Staff took pride in their work, felt valued by the organisation and endorsed the values of the service.
  • Staff meetings and relative/resident meetings took place.

 If you have any further questions please contact Becky Pinnock, home manager, on 01206 586900 or at becky.pinnock@outlookcare.org.uk

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